4health's top 122 dog food reviews (2023)

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4health's top 122 dog food reviews (1)

Michelle de Kathleen, GAVerified ReviewerVerified buyer

Original review: August 30, 2022

I bought the 4health Dog Food meat and potato formula for large dogs, I also bought the urinary formula for small breeds and cats. My healthy 13 year old boxer is the only dog ​​to eat a bowl on Friday, after eating for an hour he started frothing at the mouth and had a seizure. Then on Saturday, after eating a bowl, he had 15 seizures throughout the day. My other pets would not eat the food. THANK GOD!! On Sunday after lunch he had a very severe seizure. I didn't even think it could be the food. We bought it because the Tractor Supply salesman told us it was good for bully breeds as he has allergies to corn and junk dog food so we were looking for something good for him.

I should have researched the brand before purchasing and company recalls. After my boxer Zeus had so many seizures on Sunday we had to take him to the vet in the ER to put him down. After thinking about what we had done differently that might have caused the seizures, I realized it was the 4Health beef and potatoes that were poisoning my dog. I sent all 3 bags back to Tractor Supply, they test the dog food and they are supposed to give me the results but after finding out it's their brand I'm sure I won't hear anything back so I have a freezer bag from a liter keep everything. I bought all 3 bags and will try them myself.

I wish I had stayed with Bil Jac and given them raw food. I was trying to save money and it cost my beloved 13 year old boxer his life. I will not even return to Tractor Supply after finding out they co-own 4health and Diamond branded dog food. I get sick just thinking about giving my dog ​​this poison. I'm sticking with Bil Jac and raw food from now on.

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4health's top 122 dog food reviews (2)

VeronaHeather, New YorkVerified Reviewer

(Video) 2023 Dog Food Review - What To Watch Out For

Original review: May 20, 2022

I've always loved ProPlan for my dogs. They gobbled it up happily for years with no health issues, and then I broke down and adopted two cats (two more later). I was amazed at the cost and lack of decent dining options at the time. Then one day, I was browsing the aisles at PetSmart looking for good options that wouldn't cost half my paycheck, and it was cat adoption day. I talked to the woman who runs the emergency services and cat food came. Since we were at PetSmart, he lowered his voice and very quietly told me if you want the best cat food on the market and at a fraction of the cost, buy it from Tractor Supply Co. (TSC). He told me his brand is called 4Health but it's made by Blue Buffalo. The difference is in the price. It's extremely sensible! She said she only feeds it to all the animals at her shelter, but she didn't want the PetSmart staff to hear her say that.

I immediately went to TSC and was impressed by the variety of cat and dog food options. The cat food has options for outdoors, indoors, every life stage, dietary needs, etc., and the cost was a fraction of what it costs to buy the Blue Buffalo brand. I've been feeding my cats for about 4-5 years now and have also switched the dogs to 4Health which also offers a variety of flavors, dietary requirements, life stages, weights, activity levels and whatever. 4Health for is also the only brand of cat food I've seen that comes in a 25 pound bag. You can get 60 pounds of dog food, but cat food? No. Not until 4Health. The cost has gone up lately, as has everything, but it's still cheaper at $35 for £25 and is made with great ingredients to meet the needs of all cats. Dog food offers the same options as Blue Buffalo with different price levels. I highly recommend giving 4Health a try and feeding your pets the best, but also saving some money!

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4health's top 122 dog food reviews (3)

Tracie de Pahrump, NVVerified Reviewer

Original review: October 20, 2021

I thought it was the medication my dog ​​was taking to make him vomit every day throughout the day. But it turned out to be this meal. Very very disappointed and after reading all the complaints about other people's dogs doing the same thing and still no recall, I'm changing brands and will never go back to it.

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4health's top 122 dog food reviews (4)

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Christopher de Levittown, PensilvaniaVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 3, 2021

Thought we'd give this a try on our 10 year old Catahoula/Rottie mix. It made her very sick with diarrhea and she was very lethargic until we stopped the treats. I will bring it back to the store next time I visit.

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4health's top 122 dog food reviews (5)

Amber from Basehor, KSVerified Reviewer

Original review: March 16, 2021

The ingredient list is great, which is why I bought it! Then my dog ​​felt extremely sick and lethargic. He refused to eat his dog food but pretended to be hungry and eat treats. He had small dark, inconsistent poops. Vomiting and absolutely no energy. I took her to the vet who said she ate something that gave her bed bugs. She literally has no access to anything. The bathroom and bedroom doors are always locked and the rest of the house is dog proof.

They gave me medicine, the next night I cooked her a hamburger and she gobbled it up and was still hungry. So I put half a can of it in her bowl and she sniffed it and made a disgusted face and refused to eat it. I threw it away, scrubbed his bowl and gave him more burgers which he ate right away. I started researching groceries and found 2 dozen situations just like mine at Consumer Affairs! It's been a few days and my dog ​​still hasn't pooped, still has no energy and is eating very little at a time. We're taking her to be tested for kidney failure due to this dog food poisoning! This was the only change in her diet in the last 7 years... This food should be taken off the market!

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4health's top 122 dog food reviews (6)

Patrick from Campbell, New YorkVerified Reviewer

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Original review: March 3, 2021

I've been with 4 health for a long time. Recently my 6 year old Rottie started not eating it. So we had to put grated cheese on it, something useful. So I personally did a taste test with Blue Buffalo. The first was Blue Buffalo in my mouth, which tasted the same and threw off the chew immediately. I spit it out. 2. 4 Health Put it in my mouth and it tasted hotter, but when I bit into it and spat it out, it immediately had a gross [I mean gross] chemical taste. If you don't believe me, try it. I called Diamond Pet Food and told them about my experience. Rottie wolfed down the buffalo meal like she was starving. Personally, I will never feed the food to my dogs again.

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4health's top 122 dog food reviews (7)

4health's top 122 dog food reviews (8)

Shari of Poland, INVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 9, 2020

I have been giving this to my 14 year old dog and my 2 year old dog for about 8 months. Before that they were both on 4 Health puppy food. About 6 months ago the old dog whimpered and whimpered while eating and afterwards. I thought I had a bad tooth. I had the vet look at his teeth, no problems. He began to vomit foam. A few years ago a vet said he had heartburn and should give him an acid reducer 1/2 hour before eating. So I started with that. It didn't help, so I started mixing instant potato flakes, cooked rice, some canned Ole Roy, and milk with some dry health. He no longer cries when he eats!

I think the 4 health food just has a tummy ache (possibly an ulcer)... and she's lost so much weight you can feel her bones! I returned to 4health puppy food while continuing my preparation of human food for the old dog, including a hard boiled egg. You are so much better! If 4H hurts my old dog, what are the consequences if we continue to feed him our beautiful two year old Pyrador? I'm willing to prepare food for you both in the kitchen. who can you trust Regarding cat food, I've fed several cats on the 9 Lives Urinary formula with no problems. I had a cat that was prone to UTIs and I switched to a different food once or twice and she peed in the sink and let me know! Impressive creatures!

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4health's top 122 dog food reviews (9)

4health's top 122 dog food reviews (10)

Pia de Hondo, TXVerified Reviewer

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Original review: November 22, 2020

I bought this from TS thinking this grain free food would be good for all three of our dogs. Boy was I wrong!!! The three normally active dogs are lying down, have diarrhea and vomit. We even have to take them outside to go to the bathroom (if they make it that far). I would never buy these things again. Animal owners stay away from 4Health dog food!

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4health's top 122 dog food reviews (11)

Crystal from Bayville, New JerseyVerified ReviewerVerified buyer

Original review: August 27, 2020

We have sister dogs and thought this brand was the way to go. Early in the summer we noticed that the two girls were not eating normally as their normally solid stools were just diarrhea. They vomited (including white foam) several times and had explosive diarrhea more than several times. We changed everything else except their brand/food line (that 4 health food). After going around with vets, AT LEAST hundreds of vet bills, multiple carpet cleaners, countless phone calls and even tears, in desperation we have changed their brand/food line. Luckily they are both MUCH better now. We will NEVER return to this line... EVER. Stay away from this grocery line!

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4health's top 122 dog food reviews (12)

T de Rutledge, TNVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 11, 2020

I bought 4 Health canned after talking to someone who worked at TS. Our little dachshund pup loves it but has now started with terrible diarrhea. She's already tamed, but she can't get away from how bad that is. You've used up 1 1/2 cans, but you better believe there won't be any more. She slept more today and wants to be held and that's not her personality. A few of our other dogs ate it out of the bowl and now have diarrhea. I threw the rest in the trash and will never buy it again.

(Video) Tractor Supply Trip With A Canine Nutritionist: What’s Healthy, What’s Not

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Is answers a good dog food? ›

Is Answers A Good Dog Food? Overall, Answers dog food is considered a low risk food with high quality ingredients, and all recipes scoring 9.5/10.

Is 4Health dog food made in China? ›

Where is 4Health Dog Food Made? The Tractor Supply Company has over 1000 locations across the USA, but it is based in Brentwood, Tennessee. However, the 4Health Dog Food is manufactured in the three Diamond Pet Food plants located in Meta, Missouri, Lathrop, California, and Gaston, South Carolina.

Is answers pet food human grade? ›

No pasteurization or high pressure treatment. We only buy USDA, human grade, inspected meat that has never, ever been treated with antibiotics or hormones. Our facility is equipped with high power grinders allowing Answers to grind the bone to a fine (for small dogs ) safe easily digestible form.

How can you tell a high quality dog food? ›

Look for food companies that exceed AAFCO guidelines and use high-quality ingredients. Choose foods with meat-based items listed as the first two to three ingredients. Avoid foods that contain excess chemical preservatives and high amounts of fillers like wheat, corn, and soy.

Who owns 4health? ›

4health is a private-label brand owned by the Tractor Supply Company, but it is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods Inc., which is owned by Shell and Kampter, Inc. The latter is a family-owned, U.S.-based company that manufactures pet food and has plants located in California, Missouri, and South Carolina.

Does 4health dog food have taurine? ›

Every bag of 4health contains select ingredients and has undergone rigorous quality-control processes. TAURINE Taurine-fortified to help support a healthy heart. Contains 300 mg/kg glucosamine hydrochloride and 100 mg/kg chondroitin sulfate.

Is 4 Health dog food grain free? ›

4health® Grain Free Dog Foods provide lots of energy and nutrition for active and working adult dogs with a formulation that helps maintain a healthy digestive system. The omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in this grain free food can help support shiny coats and healthy skin.

Does 4health dog food have fillers? ›

At 4health®, we proudly offer specialized varieties of food that have four things in common. It is our 4health promise to you, and to your pet, that their food will always include real meat, whole vegetables, no fillers and essential nutrition.

Does 4health dog food have corn in it? ›

No Corn No Wheat No Soy

All 4health wet & dry formulas have minimal ingredients that may cause allergic reactions and upset stomachs in pets. By removing corn, wheat and soy from their pet's diet, owners that choose 4health notice an improvement in their pet's coat, stool consistency, teeth, weight, and overall health.

Is JustFoodForDogs better than kibble? ›

At JustFoodForDogs, we've known for some time that whole foods made with real ingredients can be better than commercially processed kibble in quality, digestibility, and bioavailability. Recent scientific research now seems to support this assessment.

Do dog food companies pay vets to recommend? ›

In any event, in an attempt to set the record straight, let's dive in and count down these Top 5 Myths About Veterinarians: #5. Veterinarians are on the dole from certain pet food manufacturers and get kickbacks for selling their products. This is simply not true.

Is Purina quality dog food? ›

Yes, Purina Dog Food is worth it. Purina Dog Food offers a wide variety of product lines that offer high-quality nutrition to your dog to fit nearly every budget. They are widely considered a safe and reputable brand and have a long-standing history of making quality products for dogs at every stage of life.


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