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By Nature Dog Food receives the second highest rating from the consultant of4 Sterne.

Listing of By Nature product lines4 dry dog ​​food.

Each recipe below has its corresponding recipe includedAAFCO Nutrient Profileif available on the official product page:GLine,MMaintenance,Al stages of life,Saddition orOfspecified.

Important: because many sites don't do thisreliableIndicate what are the growth recipes for each of the life stagesInsurance for large breed dogs, we do not include this data in this report. Be sure to check the actual packaging for this information.

  • Lamb and Turkey Meal Recipe from By Nature [Of]
  • By Nature Grain-Free Turkey and Duck Meal Recipe [Of]
  • By Nature Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, and Brown Rice [Of]
  • By Nature Salmon and Grain-Free Menhaden Fish Meal Recipe [Of]

By Nature Peru and Duck Meal Recipe Grain Free was chosen to represent the other products in the line for this review.

By Nature's Grain-Free Turkey and Duck Meal recipe

dry food for dogs

Estimated nutrient content in dry matter

Protein =32% | gordo =19% | carbohydrates =41%

Ingredients: turkey, duck flour, chickpeas, lentils, broad beans,rapeseed oil(Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Tapioca Starch, Turkey Meal, Natural Flavor, White Fish Meal, Menhaden Fish Oil (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Dried Alfalfa,Tomato remains, Lecithin, Coconut Oil, Monosodium Phosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate, DL-Methionine, Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Choline Chloride, Chicory Root Extract, Pumpkin Flour, Dehydrated Seaweed, Taurine, Dehydrated Goji Berry, Dehydrated Ginger, Turmeric, Dehydrated Spinach, Dehydrated Blueberry, Natural Tocopherol Blend, Calcium Carbonate,rice husks, Vitamin E Supplement, L-Ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Vegetable Oil, Rosemary Extract, Niacin Supplement, Dried Seaweed,mineral oil, D-calcium pantothenate, riboflavin supplement, vitamin B12 supplement, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin A acetate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, citric acid, vitamin D3 supplement, biotin, folic acid, potassium chloride, iron sulfate, zinc sulfate, zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, copper sulfate, zinc oxide , manganese sulfate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, manganese oxide, calcium iodate,Natriumselenit, dried fermentation product of Lactobacillus casei, dried fermentation product of Lactobacillus acidophilus, dried fermentation product of Bifidobacterium animalis, dried fermentation product of Lactobacillus reuteri

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) =4.4%

Rotdenotes a controversial subject

Estimated nutrient content
Guaranteed analysis29 %17 %WAS
dry matter basis32 %19 %41 %
Weighted calorie basis27 %39 %34 %

Protein =27% | gordo =39% | carbohydrates =34%

The first ingredient in this dog food isPeru. While raw turkey is a quality product, it contains up to 73% water. After cooking, most of this moisture is lost, reducing the meat content to just a fraction of its original weight.

After processing, this item would likely represent only a small portion of the total content of the final product.

The second ingredient isduck meal. Duck meal is consideredmeat concentrateand contains almost 300% more protein than fresh duck.

It's important to note that the next three ingredients in this recipe are each atype of legume:

  • chick-pea
  • lenses
  • broad beans

Although this is a blend of high quality herbal ingredients, there is one important point to note here. And this is the so-called recipe design practiceIngredients department.

if we werecombineall these individual pieces together andReport them as, this new combination would likely rank significantly higher on the list.

Additionally, legumes contain around 25% protein, a factor that should also be considered when assessing the meat content of this dog food.

The sixth ingredient israpeseed oil. Unfortunately, rapeseed can be a contentious subject. This is because it can sometimes (but not always) be derived from itgenetically modifiedRaps.

Still others point to the fact that canola oil can be an important sourceessentialOmega-3 fatty acids.

In any case, it is vegetable oils such as rapeseed oilless biologically availablefor a dog than fish oil as a source of high-quality omega-3 fats.

The seventh ingredient isTapiocagummi, a gluten-free starchy carbohydrate extract from the root of the cassava plant.

The eighth ingredient isturkey flour, another high proteinmeat concentrate.

Afternatural taste, we foundwhite fish mealplus a high protein contentmeat concentrate.

white fishis a marine or freshwater species native to Canada and coastal California.

Fishmeal is typically obtained from "clean, dried and ground tissues of undecomposed whole fish and fish cuts" from commercial fisheries.1

From here the list includes anumber of other items.

But to be realistic, it's the ingredients that are further down the list (supplements aside).probably not affectthe overall rating of this product.

With nine notableexceptions

First we finddried alfalfa. Although alfalfa is high in protein (18%) and fiber, it is rarely used in dog food. This ingredient from the hay family is most commonly associated with horse feed.

Then this food containsTomato remains. Tomato pomace is a controversial ingredient, a by-product left over from processing tomatoes into juice, soup and ketchup.

Many praise tomato pomace for thishigh feverand nutritional content, while others despise it as a cheap animal feed filler.

Still, there probably isn't enough tomato pomace here to make much of a difference.

In addition, we point out the use ofCoconut beer, a natural oil rich in medium-chain fatty acids.

Medium-chain triglycerides have been shown to improve cognitive function in older dogs.2

Because of its proven safety3as well as its potential to aid in the treatment ofCognitive dysfunction syndrome in dogs(CDS) echronic skin diseases, MCT can be considered a positive addition to this recipe.

Next,ZichorienwurzelIs rich onInulin, a starch-like compound made up of repeating carbohydrate units found in certain roots and tubers.

Inulin is not just a natural sourcesoluble fiber, is also aprebioticUsed to encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in a dog's digestive tract.

we have also foundToughness, an important amino acid associated with healthy heart muscle function. While taurine is not typically considered essential in dogs, some dogs have been found to be deficient in this important nutrient.

Since taurine deficiency appears to be more common in pets on a grain-free diet, we see the presence of taurine in this recipe as a positive addition.

Next,rice husksare an inexpensive by-product of the rice milling process. Rice husks are used as an addition herefiberto the recipe that dilutes the total number of calories per serving.

This principle is known as "reduced calorie density". In addition to this benefit, rice hulls can be considered a nutritionally insignificant component.

we have also foundvegetable oilin this recipe. Vegetable oil is a generic oil of unknown origin. The ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in any oil is nutritionally critical and can vary significantly (depending on the source).

Without knowing more, it is impossible to judge the quality of an item so vaguely described. However, a generic vegetable oil cannot be considered a high quality ingredient compared to a named animal fat.

This recipe also includes mineral oil. Though we can't be suremineral oilIt is apparently used as a stool softener in this recipe.

However, the inclusion of this additive can be controversial. This is because the European Food Safety Authority has raised some concerns about the long-term health effects of using mineral oil in human food.4

And finally, this food containschelated minerals,mineralswhich have been chemically bound to proteins. This makes them easier to pick up. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

By Nature dog food review

Judging by the ingredients alone, By Nature Dog Food looks like aexceptionally dry product.

But the quality of the ingredients alone cannot tell the whole story. we still needi guessedthe productsmeat portionbefore a final ranking is determined.

The control panel displays:dry matterProtein value of 32%, a fat content of 19% andestimated carbohydratesof about 41%.

As a group, the brand has an average protein content of 31% and an average fat content of 18%. Taken together, these numbers suggest that acarbohydrate contentof 43% for the entire product line.

And a fat to protein ratio of around 58%.

Above average protein. Above average fat. And below average carbs compared to a typical dry dog ​​food.

Considering the protein-boosting effects of chickpeas, lentils, broad beans and dried alfalfa, this looks like the profile of a diet containing amoderate amount of meat.

in summary?

By Nature encompasses bothgrains and no grainsDry dog ​​food with a moderate amountnamed meat dishesas the main source of animal protein and thus earned the brand4 Sterne.

Highly recommended.

Please note that some recipes sometimes get a higher or lower rating based on our reviewi guessedtheir grand totalmeat portionand (if applicable) yoursfat to protein ratios.

natural dog food
recovery process

The list below (if any) includes all of themDog food recallsince 2009 directly related to By Nature. If there are no recalls listed in this section, we have not yet reported any events.

You can see a full listAll dog food recalls sorted by date. Or look at the same sorted listalphabetically by brand.

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Notices and updates

  1. Association of American Food Inspectors
  2. Pan Y et al., Medium-chain TAG dietary supplement has long-lasting cognition-enhancing effects in aging dogs, British Journal of Nutrition, Volume 103, Issue 12, June 2010, pp. 1746-1754
  3. Matulka RA et al., Deficiency in medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) toxicity in dogs during a 90-day feeding study, Food Chem Toxicol, January 2009, 47(1) 35-9.
  4. EFSA communication of 06/12/2012

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Dog Food by Nature | Review | Rating | recalls? ›

To all pet owners that have purchased the List, Answers Pet Food has been removed from the 2021 List. This is due to verification of ingredients – all verification was provided by Roxanne Stone who has resigned, thus making the verification null and void towards products manufactured after the resignation.

What happened to answers dog food? ›

To all pet owners that have purchased the List, Answers Pet Food has been removed from the 2021 List. This is due to verification of ingredients – all verification was provided by Roxanne Stone who has resigned, thus making the verification null and void towards products manufactured after the resignation.

Is answers dog food safe? ›

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Is answers dog food aafco approved? ›

AAFCO: Answers Detailed Beef Formula for Dogs provides complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages and is comparable in nutritional adequacy to a product which has been substantiated using AAFCO feeding tests.

Who left answers pet food? ›

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07/12/2022Beg & Barker, Billo's Best Friend, and Green Coast PetsStormberg Foods
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Feb 9, 2023


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