If Your Dog Needs To Lose Weight, These Weight Control Dog Foods May Help (2023)

10 Excellent Dog Foods For Weight Control

With so many options on the market, finding the right food for your dog can be difficult. However, when your best friend needs proper nutrition for weight issues, finding non-fat foods can be even more confusing. This is where dog food for weight control comes in.

Just like other formulas, weight management comes in a variety of food types, but the difference is that they have a balance of calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates that promotes weight loss. Additionally, the best recipes include meat as the number one ingredient and have no high-calorie by-products or fillers.


How do I know if my dog ​​needs to gain or lose weight?

Your dog's ideal weight varies by size, breed, and age. And some dogs have smaller or larger physiques than other puppies of the same breed. Because of this, it is difficult to give the exact weight range your dog will need. Instead, you and your vet can assess whether your dog is at or near ideal weight.

A good way to tell if your dog is a healthy weight is to look at him from different angles. If you look at your dog from above you should be able to see a defined waist. If you look from the side you should be able to see a tummy tucked in. The ribs can also be slightly visible, but should never be too pronounced. And when you touch the dog's sides, you should feel the ribs without pressing too hard. They should feel like they have a small layer of fat on them.


Normal vs. Weight Control Foods

Some people may choose to feed their dogs more or less than their standardEsseninstead of getting weight control foods. While this may be fine for slightly overweight dogs, it's not the best choice if you have a dog that needs to lose or gain a significant amount of weight. This is because regular dog food is very high in calories and simply reducing the amount of regular dog food you feed your dog may not feel full enough.

Other important benefits to look for in dog food formulated to maintain or lose weight are fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics, which help regulate digestion. A higher protein to fat ratio promotes muscle growth and weight loss.

What to look for in foods for weight control

When choosing dog food, you should always look for quality ingredients like real meat proteins and recognizable foods. It's best to avoid options with corn, BHT or BHA, corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors, soy, and MSG. Meat by-products are also problematic as they are not high quality sources of protein and can add unnecessary calories.

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For weight management dog food, look for one that is high in protein and fiber, as these nutrients help manage weight. When choosing a food that contains grains, look for whole grains like wheat, barley, brown rice, and oats. These grains contain fiber but aren't packed with calories.

Protein sources in dog food

Most companies only offer oneWeight control formula, which usually contains chicken as the main protein source. This may limit your choices somewhat, especially if your pup is sensitive to birds. However, many brands offer alternative protein sources that provide a complete amino acid profile. Some contain only fish, while others use lamb or duck.

Types of dog food

Weight management dog foods come in bothsecoand wet formulas. Dry dog ​​food is more popular because it is easy to store and is generally less expensive. In addition, it stays fresh for a long time.

Wet food for dogsare more expensive and often require refrigeration for storage. However, despite their low calorie content, they tend to be more filling for dogs due to their high moisture content. And the aroma of canned food also helps attract picky eaters.

raw dog food, also found underfreeze driededehydratedIt tends to be high in protein and not loaded with carbs and bulking agents. It is expensive but adequate for weight management when fed in portions appropriate for a dog's size and life stage.


fresh dog foodcan be purchased through a dog food delivery service. The company prepares recipes specifically for your dog's needs, including low-calorie options. However, these meals come at a premium price.

Ingredient-restricted formula

If your dog is food tolerant, you may need to consider feeding him a restricted ingredient formula. The most common formulas you will find are grain-free formulas. Other options restrict certain ingredients that your dog's tummy may be sensitive to.

Cost of dog food for weight control

Weight control dog food tends to be more expensive than regular dog food, typically costing between $1 and $4 per pound. You can expect to spend around $50 on a bag of medium weight management dog food. If you want a quality option with healthy ingredients, expect to pay at least $1.75 per pound.

Best dog food for weight control

Canidae Pure Weight Management dry dog ​​food: available emAmazonasePetco

Manufactured by a premium brand, this is a limited ingredient grain-free dog food suitable for pets with allergies or sensitive tummies. It contains easily recognizable ingredients and is high in antioxidants to promote immune system health.

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Nutro Ultra Weight Management dry food for adult dogs:available inAmazonasePetco


This is a high quality dog ​​food that contains multiple sources of protein. It also has numerous vitamins to provide a complete nutritional profile. It's also free from artificial ingredients and meat by-products.

Wellness CORE Natural Wet Grain Free Canned Dog Food: Available inAmazonasePetco

This canned dog food is low in calories and fat while retaining moisture. It should leave your dog full and satisfied. Plus, most dogs love the taste and it's high in omega-3 fatty acids to promote a healthy coat. It also contains prebiotics that aid in digestion.

Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight dry dog ​​food:available inAmazonasePetco

Hill's Science Diet is known for making all types of quality dog ​​food and also makes a weight management recipe formulated with ingredients to help dogs maintain a healthy weight. Chicken is the number one ingredient. It is made with no artificial additives or preservatives.

Healthy Dry Dog Food: Available inAmazonasePetco


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This is another premium dry dog ​​food from Nutro that helps dogs maintain a healthy weight thanks to a balanced mix of protein and fiber. Not only is it a good option for dogs that need to shed a few pounds, but it also has a flavor that most dogs like.

Freeze Dried Raw Meals Instinct Real Beef Recipe Food Dog Food:available inAmazonasePetco

Raw food is a good choice for weight control when fed to your pet as directed. This quality brand is freeze dried and has flavors that dogs love. The nutritious formula is 85% protein, a fundamental factor in a diet aimed at weight management in dogs.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection dry dog ​​food:available inAmazonasePetco

Because it's made with whole grains, real meat, and plant-based ingredients, this balanced diet can also be used to maintain weight. It promotes healthy digestion, which is vital for weight loss and weight management.

Iams ProActive Health dry food for healthy weight dogs:available inAmazonasePetco


Known for producing remarkable results quickly, this dry dog ​​food is made with a blend of fiber, protein and prebiotics that promote digestion and weight loss. Contains 17% less fat than other branded formulas.

Ziwi Peak Air Dry Dog Food: Available inAmazonas

This air-dried raw dog food is high in protein and grain-free, making it a great choice for a healthy diet that can help maintain weight. It also contains superfood ingredients rich in beneficial nutrients.

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Dry Dog Food: available emAmazonasePetco

Made by a popular brand, this dog food is high in protein, which dogs need to maintain a healthy weight. It also improves digestion with probiotics and prebiotic fiber, which are key to weight loss in dogs.

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