Oliver (in Salt Lake City) is looking for his Furever Home! (2023)

Oliver is a guide dog – he will be cared for and paid for by the RMFBR until the end of his life. We don't know how long that can take. At the moment he is a happy exploring pup! He needs a special home. Please read this entire bio and see if you can really save a life and make every day the best day ever for Ollie. Email us at info@rmfbr.org if you are his furever!

Oliver (Ollie)

7 months (October 2022)

Salt Lake City, Utah

Weight: 7.2 pounds / 3.3 kilos

Oliver (in Salt Lake City) is looking for his Furever Home! (1)


Hello, my name is Oliver, Ollie for short, or if you're French, which I am, it's pronounced O-live-ee-ay. I was born with spina bifida and had a necrotic foreskin but that is a thing of the past. So I got off to a rocky start, but who hasn't? I won't let my past adversities keep me from having a good attitude and zest for life.

Even though I only weigh 7.2 pounds, I am 100% full of love and spice. I'm still trying to move and stay active, so you've got to at least keep an eye on me. I love other dogs and would love to be part of a pack. When they bark, I bark. If they're excited, I'm excited. It's all part of the dynamic of the package.

Oliver (in Salt Lake City) is looking for his Furever Home! (2)

I'm a Libra/Scorpio which I think pretty much sums up my personality. Although initially reserved, I am outgoing at heart and very outgoing. If you belong to my inner circle, I am very loyal and extremely affectionate. What can I say, I love it very much. I crave harmony and balance to thrive better in an organized environment with a tight schedule. I love car rides, sun and long buggy walks while observing or seeing the majestic mountains.

Even though I'm only 7 months old, I'm an old soul. They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. That's true for me. If you look into my eyes you will see that I am complex, overly sensitive and sometimes stubborn, but worth your time and dedication. If I love you once, I will love you for a lifetime.

My kryptonite is made with peanut butter, baby belle cheese, cod sticks, and bone chews. I don't currently take any medication, but if I had to, all I had to do was hide it in peanut butter or cheese and I wouldn't know.

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What am I looking for? I am looking for my soul family. I want a family that I can bond with deeply and spend the rest of my days with. Okay, speaking of days/schedule, let me get that straight now. I had an MRI a few months ago and got unwanted results. I don't have enough cerebrospinal fluid in my head and part of my brain resides in my nasal cavity. What does that mean for you? I probably shouldn't have any sudden movements. I might have a fit, but if you hold me, it'll be over in 10 seconds. My soul family includes someone who is at home or working from home full time. I kind of need someone to change me every two hours so I don't get that necrotic thing again. I'm lovesick, so I appreciate giving and receiving attention. I like driving the car, being in the sun and soaking up the sun – it gives me a fresh feeling. That's one of the reasons I love Utah. Being outside is good for my soul. I'm a sociable French person, I like to interact with others, so being alone is my least favorite. It makes me sad and sometimes makes me cry (bark). I know that from time to time you have to do chores around the house (e.g. cooking and cleaning). All I ask is that you put me in the same room where I can see you and I will be completely satisfied. I'm a bit codependent, what can I say. The same goes for errands. If you have errands to run, you can take me in a papoose. I promise to be a good boy.

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If you are looking for companionship, unconditional love, someone with a positive attitude, long walks, picnics in the park and soaking up the sun, a loyal confidant and lots of kisses, swipe right. I am the young French you are looking for. Oui Oui, I look forward to hearing from you.

basic personality

  • affable, accessible
  • Assertive (confident and will let you know when he wants attention)
  • Active and energetic, especially due to paralysis (determined mindset)
  • Happy, happy, happy, happy soul
  • Encouraging, positive outlook, optimistic attitude
  • Be optimistic and enjoy every day to the fullest
  • Resourceful (ability to overcome difficulties)
  • Sensitive (needs and gives a lot of attention)
  • Sincere, direct (what you see is what you get)
  • Social and party life
  • Reliable and dependable (Your person for life)
Oliver (in Salt Lake City) is looking for his Furever Home! (5)

the best thing about him

  • he is pure love
  • He is a fighter and full of joie de vivre
  • Despite all the adversity he's been through, he shows great demeanor
  • As far as we know, he doesn't feel any pain in his lower extremities.
  • loves to give kisses


  • like attention
  • Enjoy being part of the pack
  • Likes to be held on the lap and/or carried
  • Likes to sit next to you on your bed full of donuts
  • Likes it when you bring his donut bed into the room you are in so he can see you
  • Loves peanut butter and Baby Belle cheese
  • Loves being pushed around in the stroller with a front row view
  • Loves being in the sun and soaking up the vitamin D rays
  • Loves to drive (who doesn't like to say goodbye)
Oliver (in Salt Lake City) is looking for his Furever Home! (6)

Do not like

  • Doesn't like being ignored; Need constant attention
  • Can be frustrating when unable to physically play with other dogs (I don't think he understands his physical limitations)
  • Can get jealous if you pay too much attention to other pets in the house
  • Can be frustrated in a wheelchair, especially when not moving (walking in place)
  • He doesn't like when he has fits, which usually last 10 seconds (I recommend holding/petting him until the fits pass).
  • Don't know how to eat candy (just learning to hold a cod bone and skewer)

Funny quirks (good/bad)

  • If he doesn't see you, he may be barking all the time.
  • Barking can lead to ringing in the ears over time
  • Excessive barking makes him thirsty.
  • dependent
  • Must be the center of attention
  • Seeks stability and may over-rely on others (that's how he came to the rescue)
  • Tendency to react emotionally when dissatisfied
  • delicate nature
  • Can bite you very hard when you are very excited
  • You can also roll off the bed full of donuts if you're too excited.
  • Doesn't eat and/or drink all the time so you'll need to keep an eye on how much water and food he's consuming to make sure he doesn't regress.
  • May eat too quickly and then choke on food
  • Can be a messy eater
  • He needs to be patient when changing diapers as he may urinate and/or defecate while drying, so you may need to rinse him again.
Oliver (in Salt Lake City) is looking for his Furever Home! (7)

ideal house

  • Patience, loving and organized family
  • Someone who doesn't mind a shadow or a fabulous French codependent
  • Someone who stays at home or works full time from home
  • Can change diapers, food and water every 3 hours
  • Someone who can carry up to 10 pounds for long periods of time (bathing and feeding).


  • He likes other dogs and gets very excited when they play.
  • Not sure about children or other animals (e.g. cats, birds) as he has not been exposed
  • He can become very vocal when other dogs start playing or barking.
  • May roll out of his donut bed when very excited around other dogs

Pro tip:If he barks for a long time, he gets thirsty.

Daily routine

5:00 a.mdiaper change
bad 6Water

8:00 amdiaper change
8:30 amBreakfast (food and water)

11.00 a.mdiaper change
11:30 a.m.Lunch (food and water) If he's not eating, you can try feeding him at 2:30 p.m

game time

14:00diaper change
14h30Lunch (food and water)

game time

17:00diaper change
17:30Dinner (food and water)

20:00diaper change

Windelwechselroutine 5h/20h

Pro tip:The tail pocket is on top and deep. Its tail is also a corkscrew tail, or ingrown tail, which is easily infected and is painful and itchy. It is ideal to change the diaper every 3 hours, rinse the dirt out of the back pocket and dry thoroughly. This ensures that the stool does not accumulate, irritate the skin and cause dermatitis. Using Animax Ointment Rx (or another antifungal, corticosteroid, and antibiotic) once a day will help.

Diaper change routine (at all other times)

  • Gently squeeze/squeeze his anus to help him defecate
  • Rinse well with warm water
    • You can use wet wipes but I feel like the cleaning isn't as good as rinsing, especially when the stool is soft or has diarrhea
  • Dry well with a towel (including back pocket)
  • Put your penis back on the shaft to keep it from drying out
  • Apply Neosporin liberally from the navel to the anus (including the abdomen).
  • Apply Aquaphor generously over Neosporin from navel to anus (including abdomen).

Pro tip:How to clean him sometimes stimulates his bowels, every once in a while he will defecate and urinate while you dry him off and put him on the towel. Wash all towels on the "Hygienic Cycle" to remove any residue. Also, you use about six towels in a day, so you might have to do your laundry daily. In addition, if the anal prolapse recurs, you need to push it back and use Preparation H as a vasoconstrictor for a few days.


Pro tip:Attach the metal clips to the nappy cover only, making sure the nappy/mimosa acts as a protective shield (reason for size 4). If the metal clips touch your skin, irritation may develop over time.


  • Because of his spina bifida, he has difficulty defecating, so it is easier for him to digest and defecate if the food is served soft/moist
  • I feed him soaked dry foods and wet canned dog food
  • He can choke on dry food, causing his stool to be very hard and making it difficult to pass stool.

Pro tip:Put his food and water bowls on the kitchen counter/island because you'll need to hold him (he can't stand on his own) and it'll save your back.

dry food for dogs

Pro tip:Soak dry dog ​​food for 30-60 minutes and refrigerate any unused portion.Better soak overnight and put in the fridge.

Wet food for dogs

Pro tip:This is a single serving.


  • I try to give him water every 2-3 hours but he is not always thirsty
  • Filtered, bottled or distilled water

Pro tip:He smacks his lips when he's thirsty.

Daily cleaning

Pro tip:If we notice a lot of mucus in his eyes (allergies), we give him ½ Zyrtec in peanut butter.

game time

Pro tip:He prefers a bed with donuts or a bed with a ledge so he can rest/chew his bones on it.


Pro tip:He prefers a bed with donuts or a bed with a flap so he can rest his head. I turn him around a lot too, but he prefers to sleep on his left side. I also use a quilt on their donut and crate bed so I only have to wash the quilt and not the bed. I wash all linens and blankets weekly.


  • Sill must learn the connection between the movement of his limbs and the forward movement of the wheelchair.
  • Can get frustrated when other dogs run after him chasing a ball
  • The wheelchair works best on a low carpet where your feet will have support and the wheelchair will not be difficult to move.
  • You need supervision as the wheelchair can get caught on walls, islands, etc.
  • You may need to adjust the height of your wheelchair as your spine straightens.
  • Only use the wheelchair for 5 to 10 minutes at a time


  • Little monkeys from 0 to 3 months in babies
  • Onesies help store your diapers and braces
  • I change your clothes and diapers every day
  • Sweaters and overalls in winter or cold weather
  • Linen or cotton jumpsuit for spring or summer

Pro tip:Wash your diaper cover in a delicate mesh bag so the Velcro doesn't damage your own clothes.

What do I bring?

  • Health Insurance through Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue (RMFBR)
    • Please note that all vet visits must be approved in advance unless it is an emergency. If it is an emergency, call 303-819-4904 or text en route so RMFBR can call 911 and open an account before you arrive
    • Colorado: VistaVet.net
    • Utah: VCA Willow Creek
  • Size 4 diapers
  • 2 - Suspenders
  • 3 - covers for diapers
  • Manuka Honey Pet Shampoo
  • Neosporin and Aquaphor to get you started
  • Royal Canine Small Breed Dry Food in Plastic Container/Bathtub
  • At least 1 can of Royal Canine small breed wet food to start with
  • 1 – car seat with blanket
  • 1 - Portable soft box with cover
  • 1 - Small Wheelchair
  • 2 - Cold weather overalls
  • 2 - Cold weather sweater
  • 6 - Spring/Summer Onesies
  • 2 – dishes
  • 1 – Papoose
  • 2 – stuffed animals (toys)
  • 1 – diaper bag
    • 1 - Nose Butter
    • 1 - eye drops
    • 2 – poop bag rolls
    • 1 – Travel size petroleum jelly
    • 1 - Travel size cotton swab
    • 1 - Pack of Honest Wet Wipes
    • 10 - diapers size 4
    • 1 – Cheek-Pad

What you need to provide first

  • dog bowls
  • Bed with donuts and blanket
  • Pet Conditioner
  • Towels for bathing and/or changing diapers
  • stroller (if required)
  • Please note that the RMFBR will prompt you for delivery upon completion of the first set of deliveries (Exception: Medically Necessary Rx).

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