So you have a pandemic dog... Here's how to keep him happy when you get back to work (2023)

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Whether you thinkwhether this is so or not, a lot has happened while we have been quarantined at home because of Covid. Ustook up new hobbies,learned new skillsand maybe even worked on somepersonal hygiene. And according to some people, many of us are also becoming new pet owners.

“Dog adoption has been all the rage during the pandemic,” says Melissa Bacelar, founder ofWagmor petsand owner of The Wagmor, a pet-friendly luxury hotel and spa in Los Angeles. "People were queuing at 2am to adopt one of our dogs!"

What started out with an average of 20 to 30 adoptions a month has quickly grown to more than 130 dogs for Bacelar, who has run his dog and animal rescue hotel for nearly 16 years. "Busy months was 150 dogs," he shares, adding that "the increase [since before the pandemic] has been well over 100%."

Bacelar says the surge in dog adoptions over the past year hasn't come as a surprise to her. "The reason I hear the most about people not having dogs is because they don't have time or aren't home enough [but] the best part about quarantine (for rescued animals) was that people didn't anymore had time and they were only at home,” she says. “Besides, people were lonely, people were going crazy; They needed company, love and someone to talk to," he adds, "and what better way to feel love than to have a furry friend 24 hours a day."

But as more people return to the office and eat out or travel again, pet experts say it's important to make sure your dogs and cats get the same attention and care they get at home.

"The first question we asked people about adoption was, 'What happens to the dog when life goes back to normal?'" says Bacelar. “Pet owners need to remember that these dogs and cats have not been left alone for more than a few hours in over a year. Most haven't seen many other people or interacted with many dogs. So we have to expect things like separation anxiety, leash aggression, shy behavior."


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"Dogs are very adaptable and generally want to please," Bacelar continues. "So when these things come up, we have to work on that and work on training and socializing. I know,” he adds with a smile, “that a lot of people have to work on it too!”


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What are the best pet products?

Whether you want to keep an eye on your pet while you're away or want to keep your pet calm and comfortable when you can't be around, companies have introduced pet products to help with everything from home monitoring to pet sizing . Entertainment.

Some of the best pet products these days include (smart) cat litter, couch-style dog beds, and even pet-safe CBD that promises to keep them calm and relaxed when you're out. You should pick this up online.

1. Furbo Dog Camera

One of the most popular pet products is the Furbo dog camera. Designed as a surveillance camera and feeder in one, the Furbo offers a sharp 1080p Full HD camera that lets you see your room live. There's also no need to awkwardly place it anywhere - place it on your floor and get a 160-degree wide-angle view. Furbo even comes with night vision so you can see your four-legged friends when the lights are off.

Download the Furbo app on your phone and you can talk to your pet even when you're not at home. It also sends a "bark alert" so you can quickly log into the system and see what's distracting your pet.

Best of all, the Furbo unit allows you to store bite-sized treats inside, so you can throw a treat at Fido or Fritz, either to keep them occupied or as a reward for waiting patiently at home for you. Setup is as easy as plugging in a power cord and connecting the camera to WiFi.

Don't just take our word for it. Dog owners consistently rate the Furbo Dog Camera as one of the best pet products online, with an average rating of 4.6 stars (out of five) from nearly 23,000 online reviewers.

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Buy the Furbo Dog Camera for $199.00

2. ThunderShirt Anti-Anxiety Jacket for Dogs

One of the most urgent problems for youpetsPost-pandemic, Bacelar explains, there will be "separation anxiety." With most of the country in lockdown for much of 2020, pets have been able to have their humans by their side 24/7. But when we start leaving our homes again, it's important to keep your pets calm and relaxed. This is where a fear jacket comes into play.

ThunderShirt is one of the top rated brands of dog anxiety jackets with a snug, form-fitting design that applies gentle, steady pressure around your dog to "calm fear, anxiety, and over-excitement".

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The comfortable jacket looks a bit like oneweighted blanket, use gentle pressure to help your dog stay calm during fireworks, thunderstorms, vet visits and when he's home alone.

So you have a pandemic dog... Here's how to keep him happy when you get back to work (2)

Purchase the ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Blanket for $39.00

3. Furhaven pet bed

Not all pet beds are created equal. While there's no shortage of brands that make decent beds and crates for your pet, we like Furhaven's orthopedic pet beds, which offer your dog or cat a more ergonomic place to rest.

Designed to mimic a sofa or daybed, the sofa-style design offers a thick, plush sleeping surface, as well as supportive "pillows" on the sides to keep your pet snuggled up safely and comfortably. Furhaven says its eggcrate foam base helps cushion pressure points, while the splints help support the neck, back, hips and joints.

Velvet fabric is super soft and delicate, yet durable enough to withstand long-term use. A bonus: the cover is completely machine washable.

So you have a pandemic dog... Here's how to keep him happy when you get back to work (3)

(Video) Cesar Explains How To Fix Separation Anxiety With Your Dog

Buy Furhaven Pet Bed $64.99

4. Pawtect Pet Parenting Blanket

Our cat loves the sherpa feel of this pet blanket, which is 100% waterproof and machine washable for easy care. Designed to be ultra-plush and cozy, Pet Parents says their "Sherpup" fabric features a waterproof barrier that's drool, water and urine resistant.

The Pawtect blanket is great for throwing over your sofa or bed when you want to keep your furniture hair and drool free, but it's also great for throwing over the bed (see above) or your crate pet to keep them warm and cozy. . The faux fur material is easy to care for and light enough to take with you on trips or simply move from room to room.

So you have a pandemic dog... Here's how to keep him happy when you get back to work (4)

Shop the Pawtect Blanket for Pet Parents for $12.99

5. CBD for pets

Much has been written about the effectiveness of CBDhelps you sleep better, or be less anxious and now the same benefits of CBD can be applied to your pets. Cornbread Hemp is one of our favorite CBD brands for its USDA certified organic full-spectrum hemp products. Now the company has applied the same science behind their CBD oils for humans to a great CBD oil for pets.

Safe for all dogs and cats, Cornbread says its CBD oil can help your pet relax, relieve discomfort, or calm down (e.g., after they've been hyperactive at the park or if they've had a rough day). and needs to calm down). Start with a few drops in your pet's food or water bowl - the corn dog flavor will immediately draw their attention and is easy to swallow. Increase dosage as needed or if you have a larger pet. The general rule of thumb for CBD for pets is 2 mg per 10 pounds of body weight.

So you have a pandemic dog... Here's how to keep him happy when you get back to work (5)

Buy Cornbread Hemp Pet CBD Oil for $49.99

6. Commodity

When your days and weeks get busier again due to work, renewed relationships, travel, etc., sites likemasticable.comThey have become lifesavers for pet owners like us. Think of Chewy as the for pets, without having to flip through endless pages of things you don't really need. Chewy organizes everything so it's crystal clear and easy to find: sort by pet (cat, dog, birds, even reptiles and farm animals) or sort by what you're looking for. The site offers groceries and treats, along with pet furniture and accessories, and even a pharmacy section that offers over-the-counter treatments for common pet ailments (think anxiety, allergies, fleas, and ticks).

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Don't know what to buy? Start with one of Chewy's "Goody Boxes" which contain everything you need to keep your pets well fed, entertained and well cared for while you're away.

So you have a pandemic dog... Here's how to keep him happy when you get back to work (6)

Purchase the Chewy Goody Box for $24.99

7. Pretty rubbish

One of the most popular pet brands for cats right now isnice layer, the cat litter that changes color and is famous on social networks. Unlike regular cat litter, Pretty Litter actively monitors your cat's urine and changes color if your cat has a potential health issue. For example, a blue color could indicate a urinary tract infection, while a red color could indicate a bladder infection or bladder stones. It's an easy way to forestall a potentially dangerous situation with your cat.

Of course, PrettyLitter also does a great job as a cat litter, as it instantly locks in odors and removes excess moisture, so you'll never smell your cat's dirty business again.

So you have a pandemic dog... Here's how to keep him happy when you get back to work (7)

Compare Pretty Litter for $22.99

8. Petco Pet Care

Don't have time to bathe and groom your pup? Petco has it easy nowOnline booking serviceIt allows you to make an appointment for a variety of services, from baths to haircuts and nail care to dental care. What we like: In the absence of consistent websites, Petco allows you to book by breed, so each experience is tailored to your dog's size, breed, and temperament.

So you have a pandemic dog... Here's how to keep him happy when you get back to work (8)

Buy Dog Grooming Book Online Petco

9. Rover

One of the best online pet care sites remainsTramp. The site allows you to book everything from dog walks to dog day care and long-term boarding for when you can't be around your pup or cat. Make sure your pet spends some real-life time with someone during the day to boost their mood and energy levels. Rover lets you choose the type of service you want, the duration and location, all from an easy-to-use website and app.

So you have a pandemic dog... Here's how to keep him happy when you get back to work (9)

Buy Dog Walker and Sitter Book Online Rover

Of course, all of these products can keep your pets busy for a few hours, but they won't completely replace human interaction and time spent with them. After all, says Bacelar, “pet ownership is for the dog's entire life, not for a week or a year. These little creatures didn't ask to be part of your family. But once they're a part, they should be there to stay."

"I've had dogs for 20 years, and as my life changes, I'm learning to adjust things accordingly to keep my animals safe and happy," he continues. "You just have to come up with a plan that benefits everyone in the household."

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