The 30 Best Funny Meme Songs Of All Time (Ultimate List) (2023)

Memes are ingrained in today's internet culture as a source of entertainment.

The main reason memes bring joy to people of all ages is the diverse meme music that is used, both old and new.

If you are trying to find the perfect meme song to edit into a video or just want to enjoy some classic meme music, we have the meme song list for you.

table of contents

  • 1. "I'll Never Give Up On You" by Rick Astley
  • 2. "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel
  • 3. "In My Feelings" by Drake
  • 4. "What says the fox?" by Ylvis
  • 5. „Jack Sparrow“ von The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton
  • 6. „We Are Number One“ von Lazy Town
  • 7. „Gangnam-Style“ from PSY
  • 8. „All Star“ von Smash Mouth
  • 10. "Harlem Shake" by Baauer
  • 11. Totos "Africa"
  • 12. "Stayin' Alive" von Bee Gees
  • 13. "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton
  • 14. Haddaway's "What Is Love"
  • 15. „Bring Me to Life“ von Evanescence
  • 16. "Pony" by Ginuwine
  • 17. Nickelback „Photos“
  • 19. „Sr. Brightside“ von The Killers
  • 20. "Still D.R.E." Dre with Snoop Dogg
  • 21. "The Time Is Now" by John Cena
  • 22. „Shooting Stars“ von Bag Raiders
  • 23. "Crab Rave" von Noisestorm
  • 24. "Buttercup" de Jack Stauber
  • 25. "Friday" by Rebecca Black
  • 26. "Old City Road" by Little Nas Xft. Billy Ray Cirus
  • 28. "The 7th Element" by Vitas
  • 29. "You make me spin" from Dead Or Alive.
  • 30. "Ultimate" by Denzel Curry feat. juicy j
  • Best Funny Meme Songs - Final Thoughts

1. "I'll Never Give Up On You" by Rick Astley

Never Gonna Give You Upis arguably one of the best funny meme songs of all time, and no meme song list is complete without it.

The internet turned the song into an immortal meme by launching the "Rick Rolling" joke.

People would link to the song on entirely unrelated sites to redirect users to the song's video, in which Astley can be seen moving to the beat.

2. "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that everyone has caught themselves singing "Let It Go" at least once in their lives.

The Disney Original Song won an Academy Award for Best Original and a Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

With every lyric used for one meme or another, the song is one of the most popular meme songs out there and often robs the film of its money.

3. "In My Feelings" by Drake

Drake isn't called the king of memes for nothing.

His song "In My Feelings" became a meme immediately after its release, topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 10 weeks.

In addition to breaking numerous records, the song became a global dance challenge, with memes practically served on a silver platter.

4. "What says the fox?" by Ylvis

With its video in which numerous people dressed as animals make the most absurd noises, it is not surprising that "What says the fox?" ended up on this meme music list.

The song has over a billion views on YouTube and was literally everywhere when it was released in 2013; you couldn't escape

The song still ranks as Ylvis' number 1 song due to its explosion as internet memes in the past.

5. „Jack Sparrow“ von The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton

The character Jack Sparrow is a meme in itself.

(Video) Top chinese memes of all time! Ultimate LIST

So the meme sites got to work when the hilarious collaboration between Michael Bolton and The Lonely Island brought us this song from SNL.

The song was supposed to be about members rapping at a club, but ended up with Bolton singing about Pirates of the Caribbean and Jac Sparrow.

6. „We Are Number One“ von Lazy Town

Lazy Town is a famous children's series best known for its villain Robbie Rotten, played by Stefán Karl Stefánsson.

When the actor was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, fans took it upon themselves to raise awareness of his GoFundMe campaign with this song.

The song has been adapted for many parodies and meme edits, and successfully grossed the late actor over $100,000.

7. „Gangnam-Style“ from PSY

Gangnam Style took the internet by storm when it was released in 2012 with its catchy music and fun dance moves.

By the end of the year, Gangnam Style had topped the charts in over 30 countries including Canada, Germany, France, UK, Russia, Spain and Italy.

The song was immediately used for memes and covers, sparking a huge wave of Korean music around the world.

8. „All Star“ von Smash Mouth

"All Star" became a meme shortly after it was used in the first part of "Shrek, The Movie".

The song's opening fits perfectly with Shrek opening his front door at the beginning.

Any time a meme video involved a door being opened, I bet All Star was playing in the background.

9. „The Sound of Silence“ von Simon & Garfunkel

"The Sound of Silence" is counted among the famous meme songs because of its popular lyrics "Hello dark my old friend".

This particular part of the song has been used in countless memes to express despair or existential angst.

10. "Harlem Shake" by Baauer

"Harlem Shake" became an internet meme shortly after YouTube comedian Filthy Frank, aka Joji, made a video of himself performing an excerpt from the song.

The video exploded and hundreds of people began uploading their own versions of the shake to YouTube.

11. Totos "Africa"

"Africa" ​​is a wholesome song that inspires everyone who hears it.

However, it's an even better meme that got its start because its hilarious parodies were uploaded to YouTube.

From then on, the song was used in videos, collages, etc.

(Video) Music Of Memes (1500 - 2022) Ultimate Master Edition

12. "Stayin' Alive" von Bee Gees

"Stayin' Alive" peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for four consecutive weeks.

The song is also considered the best song by the Bee Gees and was included in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

The "Stayin' Alive" part of the song was widely used for memes and is still very memorable today.

13. "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton

"A Thousand Miles" was criticized as a boring song but was still hugely popular when it was released in 2002.

The song blew up as an internet meme due to its cheesy and funny lyrics that made no sense.

Since then, the song has been heard in parodies, covers, and numerous edits.

14. Haddaway's "What Is Love"

This may be one of the old meme songs, but it's definitely one of the most well-known, even today.

The 1993 pop classic was a dance favorite and was revived in 1996 for a Will Ferrell parody.

Since then, he has become the subject of numerous internet memes.

15. „Bring Me to Life“ von Evanescence

"Bring Me To Life" is Evanescence's biggest hit simply because it's used in memes so often.

The song is over the top, dramatized and has the cheesiest lyrics, making it perfect meme material.

Even if you put the video aside, its lyrics are enough to make you laugh.

16. "Pony" by Ginuwine

"bangs" is obsceneReleased by Ginuwine in 1996 and it's the perfect meme pack.

Thanks to Ginuwine's sultry moves throughout the song and the ambiguous lyrics, the internet meme community had a blast editing this one.

17. Nickelback „Photos“

"Photograph" peaked at #2 on the US Hot 100 when it was released in 2005.

The song has all of the band members visiting their hometown, with Chad Kroeger showing a framed photo at the beginning of the video.

The internet meme community quickly ate up this particular shot, and the image in the frame has been manipulated with anything and everything to make it funny.

18. "Astronomia" von Vicetone & Tony Igy

"Astronomia" is definitely one of the best meme songs of recent times.

(Video) Music Of Memes Evolution (1680-2020)

The song is widely known as "the coffin dance song", in which a group of boys wear funeral regalia and carry a coffin.

The patient had wanted the people carrying her coffin to dance while she was being carried away.

19. „Sr. Brightside“ von The Killers

Among the meme songs of 2017 is “Mr. Brightside" takes the cake.

Not only the song was revived asClassic party songYears later, however, the lyrics have been used to make several puns across the internet.

The song is mainly about a guy who can't understand why his girlfriend cheated on him.

20. "Still D.R.E." Dre with Snoop Dogg

This is one of the most famous meme songs in this meme songs list.

This song started these numerous thug memes on TikTok, Youtube and other social media.

While this gangster rap song is good in its own right, there's no denying that the meme community played a big part in making this song explode on the internet.

21. "The Time Is Now" by John Cena

When John Cena and his cousin wrote "The Time Is Now," they definitely didn't expect it to explode as an internet meme.

All memes are collectively referred to as "Unexpected John Cena" memes and contain a normal video clip abruptly interrupted by John Cena's performance music.

The unexpected switch from a serious scene to Cena's uplifting music leaves people in fits and starts.

22. „Shooting Stars“ von Bag Raiders

Shooting Stars was an epic breakthrough for Australian band Bag Raiders when it was released in 2009.

The electronic song was revived in 2017 when the meme lords decided it was too good to skip.

The memes usually involve humans and animals jumping into a transdimensional universe with the song playing in the background.

23. "Crab Rave" von Noisestorm

As funny as its name, the song made every video that used it funny as well.

Any video of people with crazy dance moves paired with this song is made for golden memes.

Their upbeat music has been adapted for animation, dancing animals, humans, and anything else "Memer" could get their hands on.

24. "Buttercup" de Jack Stauber

If you've been browsing the internet lately, you've probably seen the many memes with "Buttercup" running in the background.

(Video) Ultimate Meme Music Compilation (Find your song)

Jack Staber's style of mixing multiple genres and adding weird lyrics like "Electrify my golden tooth" makes this song perfect for this meme song playlist.

Already, "Buttercup" is a song used in memes all over TikTok and YouTube.

25. "Friday" by Rebecca Black

"Friday" was perhaps one of the most explosive songs of 2011, going viral on YouTube for being so awful.

Flash forward a few years later, and the song has resurfaced in the form of funny memes due to its absurd lyrics and catchy music.

26. "Old City Road" by Little Nas Xft. Billy Ray Cirus

Lil Nas X released a solo version of this song without Billy Ray Cyrus, which was dropped from the Billboard Country charts as not country enough.

A short time later, Nas collaborated with Cyrus, a renownedsinger-land, for a remixed version of the song that somehow brings it back to the Billboards.

The situation and the song were pure meme material, so it exploded around the internet like it should.

27. "September" from Earth, Wind & Fire

When "September" was released by the band Earth, Wind & Fire in 1978, it was an instant commercial success.

Next thing you know, September 21st, a date mentioned in the song, became the unofficial Earth, Wind, and Fire Day.

Thus, every year on September 21st, Twitter explodes with numerous memes to commemorate one of the most famous meme songs and bands.

28. "The 7th Element" by Vitas

"The 7th Element" is a song by Russian singer Vitas, which is a meme in itself.

Wearing a silver jumpsuit and a sparkling star-shaped crown in the video, Vitas gives the camera a confused look.

His eclectic and mischievous techno music made the Russian artist go viral and inspired many memes.

29. "You make me spin" from Dead Or Alive.

All you have to do is watch the song and you will know why it's on this meme music playlist.

The 80s brings a lot of meme material mainly because of the drastic difference between then and now.

With its catchy music and dramatized video, "You Spin Me Round" is one of the most memorable meme songs ever.

30. "Ultimate" by Denzel Curry feat. juicy j

"Ultimate" is a great rap song, but what makes it popular in the meme community is its wild drop right before its chorus.

Then the drop is followed by a loud rap that makes even the most boring videos great.

(Video) EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Try Not To Laugh CLEAN (Reupload of Part 7)

Best Funny Meme Songs - Final Thoughts

This list of good meme songs shows the evolution of meme music and how some songs are just too good to forget.

Congratulations to theMeme Culturefor keeping these songs looking new and making everyone who listens laugh.

Hope you had a great time too.


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