The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (2023)

The best food for seniors

Every dog ​​deserves to live a happy, healthy and safe life. Although everyone ages at different rates, a senior dog's nutritional needs are unique enough to warrant a senior dog food.

Just like humans, older dogs can develop challenges related to their joints, energy levels, metabolism, and digestion. If so, your dog's diet may need to be re-evaluated. There are many options. In fact, most dog food manufacturers offer age and size specific formulas.

If you are transitioning to older dog foods, you may choose to continue with your current brand or try a new one. Look for a recipe that addresses any of your dog's needs, sensitivities, or other concerns, as well as his breed and lifestyle.

The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (1) The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (2)

You don't necessarily have to choose between dry and wet foods. Many dogs, especially older adults, enjoy a combination of both.

Important considerations


Some older dogs may start to lose their appetite or have sensitive teeth. Some need a mental or cognitive boost. Some need to take their weight and activity level into account, as older dogs tend to have less energy and therefore require fewer calories. Male dogs, especially medium and large dogs, develop hip, joint, and bone problems. It is important that senior dogs do not become overweight or obese, as this can lead to serious illness.Diseases.

In general, older dogs need fewer calories, more fiber, and more fluids. Reduced protein intake and moderate fat intake are common adjustments. Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which help fight arthritis and boost the immune system, are very beneficial and should be included in most senior dog formulas.

It is important to understand the nature and tendencies of your dog's breed. Talk to your vet about what to expect and what to focus on.

wet vs dry

Wet food for seniors

Although dry food is popular with consumers, you may want to switch from dry to wet food as your dog enters adulthood. Wet dog food tends to be more tempting and flavorful, and appeals to dogs that are picky or will become picky later in life. Wet food is also gentler on teeth and gums, especially in older dogs whose teeth aren't in the best condition.

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Wet food also contains water, which keeps dogs hydrated. Wet food comes in cans, often containing two to four meals a piece. Once opened, wet foods will only keep for a few days and need to be sealed and refrigerated.

Dry food for senior dogs

There are many high-quality dry dog ​​foods available for senior dogs, and these foods tend to cost less. If your dog's teeth are in good condition, dry food may be appropriate to help maintain dental hygiene. Some dry foods are quite soft, making it easier for older people to chew.

Dry food comes in different amounts in bags. Store unused kibble in an airtight container in a cool, dark place to preserve.


The ingredients are listed in order of importance. Often a meat such as chicken, duck, lamb or beef is the main ingredient. Older dogs tend to require less protein, so you probably won't find exotic or wild meats in these recipes.

Older dogs can become more restless or dislike certain foods over time, so you may want to experiment a bit. A dog that previously did not like salmon can now enjoy it. Just make sure the fiber and calorie counts are appropriate. Keep in mind that anything that is a "food" is simply a powdered version of that ingredient, not unlike the cornmeal or flax meal people enjoy. "Byproduct" is another term to keep in mind: it's a part of the animal that is of secondary importance and usually less attractive.


Your dog may have lifelong or age-related allergies or sensitivities. It's important to be aware of new allergies and sensitivities and adjust your diet accordingly. Chicken, soy, and grains are common sensitivities for dogs. Always read the entire ingredient list to look for questionable or unwanted parts.


Pouches of dry dog ​​food come in a variety of sizes. You will generally find small bags under 10 pounds, medium bags 10-20 pounds, and large bags 20-30 pounds. The extra large pockets will overcome that. However, you're unlikely to find many extra-large bags of senior dog food.

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Buying large bags of dog food can reduce overall costs. In many cases, you pay more up front but less per pound. Some companies offer full refunds or exchanges if your dog doesn't like the food.

The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (3) The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (4)

expert advice

Is your senior dog averse to his food? Add some fresh vegetables, broth, or other tasty homemade dog-friendly foods to make the meal more tempting.


Better grades


veterinary permit

Some senior dog foods are only available by prescription. These formulas target old or new severe ailments, as well as other needs. Prescription dog foods may contain formulas for problems like diabetes, urinary tract infections, and weight management.

multi-level formulas

Some companies offer prescriptions that are not age-specific. Instead, they offer formulas that work for all ages. A multi-step formula like this may work for your dog if he has enjoyed this type of food throughout his adulthood while staying healthy and energetic. However, an older dog with new health problems may need a more specific prescription that addresses those problems.

additional nutrients

You may want to provide your dog with additional nutrients. Some senior dog food formulas do just that. For example, glucosamine chondroitin is often included in a senior dog's diet to help with joint pain.

Other supplements may contain fatty acids that help boost your dog's immune system. These supplements can be purchased in a specific formula, added as a supplement, or added to your dog's food as a supplement.

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Some treats are specifically aimed at senior dogs. These treats can be higher in fiber and lower in calories and protein.treatedfor younger dogs. Some senior dog treats are benefitso contain useful vitamins and nutrients.

For older dogs, you should prefer wet treats and those that are easy to chew and digest. Scented treats may also be more tempting for older dogs.

The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (5) The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (6)

expert advice

Water intake is important for all dogs, but it is especially important for older people. Have fresh, cold, clean water available at all times.


Better grades

Food prices for seniors

AFFORDABLE: Most small bags of dry food costless than $20. In this range you will also find boxes with wet food.

middle class: expense between$20 y $40get most "medium" sizes of dry-packed dog food. This range can also include premium boxes of wet food.

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Caro: Forover $40 and up to $60find large bags of dry food for seniors. The more expensive options are often tailored to specific ailments.

The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (7) The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (8)

expert advice

Make sure your dog's bowl is at the right height to prevent excessive air intake while eating. A raised bowl can also help with joint problems.


Better grades


  • Add water to dry food.. Older dogs may have less appetite and are often less hydrated. Pour a little water over the kibble to bring out the flavors and help your friend stave off thirst.
  • Gradual change to new foods.. Every time you change dog food, even if you open a new bag of the same food, have your dog slowly transition to that bag. Add new food to the old about a quarter bowl every three days until it has completely changed.
  • Dogs age differently. The point at which a dog transitions into adult life may not be the same as another dog's. Consult your vet to find out when and how your breed ages.
  • Weigh your dog regularly. Weight control for older people is important as it can reduce joint pain and keep the heart and other organs working properly. Weigh your dog every few weeks to keep an eye on him.

The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (9) The 5 Best Foods for Senior Dogs - March 2023 - Top Rated (10)

Feed your older dog regularly. Consistency helps with mental and emotional well-being and also helps the dog's body to function regularly.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I know if a particular senior dog food is good for my dog?
When transitioning to a new dog food, keep a close eye on your dog for the next few weeks. This is especially important for older dogs. Watch for excessive panting, drooling, scratching, itching, or shedding, as this could be a reaction to the new food. Also, monitor your business and see if the frequency, amount, or consistency is unusual. Vomiting and diarrhea are signs that something is wrong, though not necessarily related to diet. As mentioned, always watch your weight as well, as a healthy weight is crucial to staying healthy later in life.

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Q. How much should I feed my dog?
Older dogs have lower metabolisms and energy levels, so they generally need less food than before. Most brands offer a RDA based on size, age, and breed, though you may want to do more research or consult your vet. Depending on how much weight you lose or gain, you can easily adjust the amount over the course of several weeks.


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