The 8 Best Senior Dog Foods for 2022 (2023)

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The Best Food for Senior Dogs? It's a very important topic. One of the best things you can do to help your senior dog stay healthy and active is to provide him with a healthy diet, especially one that meets his specific needs.

Read on to learn more about senior dog nutritional needs as well as strategies for choosing a good senior dog diet.

The 8 Best Senior Dog Foods for 2022 (2)


8 Best Senior Dog Food Rating

All dog foods included in this list meet the AAFCO's standard nutrient profile guidelines for dogs. Always consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog's diet.

1. Orijen Dog Original Recipe

The 8 Best Senior Dog Foods for 2022 (3)

main properties

  • The first 5 ingredients:Chicken, turkey, sole, whole mackerel, chicken liver, turkey offal
  • Guaranteed Analysis:38% crude protein, 18% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 12% moisture
  • Calorie content:3940 kcal/kg, 473 kcal/Tasse
  • breed size: Small breed, Medium breed, Large breed, All breed
  • stage of life: adult
  • Main feature:Grain free, high protein, gluten free, natural, raw, corn free, wheat free, soy free

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  • If you are looking for the highest quality food for your older dog, Orijen is the best dog food. Despite being the best sellers on the market, we keep this product at number one on our list.
  • Its range of super premium canine offerings gives dog owners the opportunity to treat them to loads of authentic meat protein for a lifetime.
  • Orijen products are praised for being grain-free and a mutually beneficial solution to quality nutrition.
  • The diet reduces the calories in the other formulations by one notch to stop weight gain as your older dog slows down and becomes less active.
  • It's also considered fermented, low-sugar, and completely corn-free for adult dogs who may have allergies.
  • To top it off, Orijen creates their food in France right in their own kitchen in Kentucky and you have a diet your dog not only deserves but will enjoy!

2. Halo wet food for senior dogs

The 8 Best Senior Dog Foods for 2022 (4)

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main properties

  • The first 5 ingredients:Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Oat Bran, Pea Flour
  • Guaranteed Analysis:8.5% crude protein, 4.5% crude fat, 1.5% crude fiber, 78% moisture
  • Calorie content:1.084 kcal/kg, 405 kcal/13,2 oz lata
  • breed size: Small breed, Medium breed, Large breed, All breed
  • stage of life: Senior
  • Main feature:Sensitive digestion, grain-free, non-GMO, high in protein

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  • Pet nutrition company Halo takes a holistic approach to pet nutrition to ensure your senior dog is getting the healthy nutrients they need, without anything they don't need.
  • This canned product is made from sustainably-raised, cage-free poultry and chicken liver, which are the key ingredients, along with a large number of non-GMO garden vegetables.
  • Halos products are made with fresh, quality ingredients like real meat, digestible carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Halo Senior wet dog food is made with no corn or wheat, no added soy ingredients, and Halo products are free of synthetic additives and low-fat fillers.
  • This product is super digestible and rich in nutrients, namely 8.5% crude protein, 4.5% crude fat, 1.5% crude fiber and 405 kcal/can.

3. NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Dry Dog Food for Senior Dogs, Dog Food with Chicken and Brown Rice

The 8 Best Senior Dog Foods for 2022 (5)

main properties

  • The first 5 ingredients:Chicken, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Barley, Peas
  • Guaranteed Analysis:24% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 10% moisture
  • Calorie content:3569 kcal/kg, 319 kcal/Tasse
  • breed size: Small breed, Medium breed, Large breed, All breed
  • stage of life: Senior
  • Main feature:Human Safe, No Molasses, Natural, Sensitive Digestion, No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy, Non-GMO, High Protein

to suggest reasons–.

  • Your senior dog needs special care when it comes to feeding. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Senior Natural Dry Dog Food Farm Chicken Brown Rice & Sweet Potatoes Recipe was created in your mind with your sweet senior friend.
  • This tasty soft food contains key antioxidants to support your dog's aging immune system, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat.
  • The company Nutro Natural Choice is known for producing a wide range of healthy dog ​​food.
  • This product is easily digestible and rich in proteins24% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 4% crude fiber and 319 kcal/cup.

4. Fromm Gold Nutritionals Senior dry food for dogs with reduced activity

The 8 Best Senior Dog Foods for 2022 (6)

main properties

  • The first 5 ingredients:Chicken, Chicken Meal, Chicken Broth, Oatmeal, Pearl Barley,
  • Guaranteed Analysis:23% crude protein, 11% crude fat, 5.5% crude fiber, 10% moisture
  • Calorie content:3.475 kcal/kg, 368 kcal/cup
  • breed size: Small breed, Medium breed, Large breed, All breed
  • stage of life: Senior
  • Main feature:Active, digestion, coating

to suggest reasons

  • If you're looking to maintain a reduced-salt diet for senior dogs, this Fromm Family Gold Reduced Activity & Senior formula can be a fantastic alternative.
  • This recipe includes fresh poultry, poultry meal and chicken among the key ingredients so you can be sure it meets your dogs nutritional needs.
  • This recipe contains oats, brown rice, and pearl barley, so this recipe is also high in digestible carbohydrates.
  • For healthy fats, this formulation contains salmon oil, an animal fat rich in omega-3 fatty acids that also helps balance omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Fromm is a family business dedicated to providing quality pet food to ensure they live long and happy lives. Dog food can be divided into three different lines.
  • The Gold line includes holistic formulas for dogs of all life stages and all sizes. It has numerous formulations for adults as well as recipes for weight management and one for older and less active dogs.
  • This recipe helps your dog digest their food easily and is high in protein, containing 23% Crude Protein, 11% Crude Fat, 5.5% Crude Fiber and 368 kcal/cup.

5. Instinct Raw Boost Senior Grain-free recipe with real chicken and freeze-dried raw chunks of dry dog ​​food

The 8 Best Senior Dog Foods for 2022 (7)

main properties

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  • The first 5 ingredients:Chicken Meal, Salmon Meal, Chicken, Tapioca, Chickpeas,
  • Guaranteed Analysis:36% crude protein, 16% crude fat, 3.5% crude fiber, 9% moisture
  • Calorie content:4.169 kcal/kg, 478 kcal/Tasse
  • breed size: All races
  • stage of life: Senior
  • Main feature:High Protein, Grain Free, Gluten Free, Corn Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free, Raw, Natural

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  • Instinct by Nature's Variety is a great alternative for your senior partner. This recipe features protein-rich croquettes combined with freeze-dried raw chunks.
  • Raw chunks are real chicken, freeze dried and processed to maintain a high protein concentration.
  • There is also DHA to promote eye and mind health. Raw nutrients include freeze-dried chicken, which gives all your mature meats all the benefits of raw meat.
  • L-Carnitine is included to help dogs control their weight and metabolism. A natural diet is also part of keeping your joints and bones healthy.

6. Victor Super Premium Dog Food

The 8 Best Senior Dog Foods for 2022 (8)

main properties

  • The first 5 ingredients:Meat meal, whole grain rice, whole grain corn, millet, chicken fat
  • Guaranteed Analysis:27% crude protein, 11.5% crude fat, 4.5% crude fiber, 9% moisture
  • Calorie content:3385 kcal/kg, 360 kcal/Tasse
  • breed size: Small breed, Medium breed, Large breed, All breed
  • stage of life: Senior
  • Main feature:Weight Control, Sensitive Digestion, Corn Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free

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  • Victor Senior can help you keep track of your senior pet's weight loss. With its improved formulation, you can still feed the amount the pup uses without worrying about overfeeding.
  • This can be helpful in the transition from adult to senior. You will also find enough minerals and vitamins to support joint, tooth and bone health to keep your dog healthy and happy.
  • This nutrient-dense formulation contains glucosamine and chondroitin for long-term joint health and L-carnitine to help convert fat into energy for lean muscle growth.
  • This diet is excellent for much less energetic pawed and adult dogs that need to reduce their overall weight.
  • Victor Purpose Senior Healthy Weight dry food is made from fermented grains and is a great option for breeds prone to joint problems.
  • This recipe will help your dog manage weight and is a super digestible recipe with 27% crude protein, 11.5% crude fat, 4.5% crude fiber and 360 kcal/cup.

7. Diamond Naturals Senior Real Meat Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

The 8 Best Senior Dog Foods for 2022 (9)

main properties

  • The first 5 ingredients:Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Brown Rice, Shredded Pearl Barley, Milled White Rice
  • Guaranteed Analysis:25% crude protein, 11% crude fat, 3% crude fiber, 10% moisture
  • Calorie content:3.400 kcal/kg, 347 kcal/Tasse
  • breed size: Small breed, Medium breed, Large breed, All breed
  • stage of life: Senior
  • Main feature:No corn, no wheat, no soy with grain

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  • If you're interested in finding a decent new dog food that still delivers a decent grade, Diamond Naturals might be a good choice.
  • The Diamond Pet Food Company is one of the largest pet food manufacturers in America.
  • Unfortunately, this activity is often criticized for being included in many pet food memoirs. However, the Diamond Naturals brand appears to offer decent quality, and you'll find a variety of options to choose from.
  • For senior dogs in particular, Diamond Naturals offers their Senior Dog Formula, which is high in protein with limited fat for reduced-calorie stuff.
  • is supplemented with probiotics for a healthier diet and glucosamine and chondroitin for support.
  • Diamond Naturals also has its own gentle formulation for adult dogs that is great for overweight, less active dogs. This choice can also be a fantastic choice for older dogs.
  • Diamond Naturals Senior Real Meat Recipe features a high-protein steak meal and wholesome rice as key ingredients, along with several beneficial superfoods and supplements for nutritional balance and vitality.

8. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Senior Dry Dog Food,

The 8 Best Senior Dog Foods for 2022 (10)

main properties

  • The first 5 ingredients:Boneless Chicken, Brown Rice, Barley, Oatmeal, Chicken Meal
  • Guaranteed Analysis:18% crude protein, 10% crude fat, 7% crude fiber, 10% moisture
  • Calorie content:3403 kcal/kg, 342 kcal/Tasse
  • breed size: Small breed, Medium breed, Large breed, All breed
  • stage of life: Senior
  • Main feature:No corn, no wheat, no soy with grain

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  • When it comes to quality and count, Blue Buffalo is hard to beat. This pet food manufacturer is among the best brands out there, and with good reason.
  • Using only the highest quality ingredients available, Blue Buffalo invents its products around fats, which are the highest quality carbohydrates and healthy, healthy fats. and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • This new one offers a wide range of products for dogs at all stages of life as well as some special recipes for seniors. For dry dog ​​food, Blue Buffalo offers a few different recipes specifically designed for older dogs.
  • There are four meals in the Life Protection Formula line that are high in protein and whole carbohydrates, with 2 options in the Wilderness line of grain-free, high-protein formulas.

shopping guide

Old age is a time that brings complications due to the ills caused over the years, but it is still part of the cycle of life. In order for your dog to survive its happy "wisdom years", some changes are necessary.

His needs aren't what they were when he was young, and neither is his food. In this guide we answer the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

When should you start feeding your dog senior kibble?

Usually a dog becomes old at the age of seven, but this varies from breed to breed. Not all dogs age at the same age.

You can ask your veterinarian about your pet's physical condition to know if it's time to change their diet. Other clues as to whether your dog has aged include:

  • The size of the animal affectsSize and breed play an important role in the life stages of the animal. Some large dogs age from the age of five. Small breeds grow old after the age of ten. Medium sized dogs around seven years old.
  • Race determines the phases of life.There are breeds that age later and also live longer. As an example we find Beagles, Shih Tzus and Chihuahuas, among others.
  • There are physical characteristicsthat appear over the years. The dog's coat may turn gray, arthritis may develop, and the tips of the toes on the paws may dry out. At a more advanced stage, urinary incontinence and vision and hearing loss may occur.
  • There are exceptions.If you know your dog is old but has no health problems, has maintained its weight and remained as active as it has been in adulthood, you can feed it the same food until its condition is in that condition. It changes.

Why do I need special food for older dogs?

There are many changes that the dog's body goes through over the years. The food should vary depending on the situation.

For this reason, some "little helpers" in the form of vitamins and food supplements in the daily diet for your beloved dog can be very helpful with age-related complaints such as joint pain.

In addition, the metabolism slows down, activity decreases, and the dog needs fewer calories. In fact, it is recommended that these be between 8% and 12% smaller than when the animal is younger.

In addition, the “old” tend to be constipated, so a little more fiber to improve intestinal transit won’t hurt them.

What happens if my senior dog ignores his food?

If your dog reaches a point in life where he becomes apathetic to food, the first thing to remember is that it is more natural for him to eat less than when he was fully grown and running for hours a day. and game.

Of course, you need to make sure that the problem isn't the type of food you choose that you might not like for some reason.

If your beloved pet is very old, it may not see or smell the food. Approach him and give it to him if necessary. If you notice she has trouble chewing, choose moist, soft food.

Depression can also cause dogs not to eat. Keep going with him as before, even though he knows this is a problem for him.

If the urge to eat subsides overnight, even if you haven't changed the type of food, talk to your vet and they will advise you on what to do.

Is senior food better wet or dry?

Both types of food are suitable for both young and older dogs. Its properties complement each other to offer different benefits to the body of our furry lovers. Whenever possible, it is recommended to combine both. In the table below you can see the advantages that one type of food offers over the other:

Benefits of Dry FoodBenefits of wet food
They strengthen the teeth when the animal chews. Very important as they become weaker as they grow older.A quality dog ​​food will contain a high level of protein, which is necessary for maintaining muscle mass in an older dog. On the other hand, wet food cannot contain much protein since most food is water.
Dogs that are toothless, or whose teeth have lost strength over the years, sometimes cannot chew and only need to be fed wet food.It contains a large amount of water, so it also serves to hydrate them. Dogs tend to love this type of food.

frequently asked questions

When is a dog considered older?

First of all, we need to know what we mean when we talk about older dogs. There is no set age to call our friends "old". Generally,an older (or older) dog is considered older than 8 years.Large dogs are “initiated” into the aging process, while small dogs as young as 10 years old can be considered older.

It's not an exact science, besides breed and sizeFactors such as genetics, environment and type of dietthat the animal has noticed an acceleration or deceleration of the aging process.

What should a good senior dog food look like?

You don't have to choose just any product, the food for your senior dog must be of high quality. In addition, you must be strict in planning your friend's diet as this will go a long way in increasing his life expectancy. Obesity, diabetes and heart problems can be avoided with a little discipline.

We'll talk about specific food choices for your senior dog later, but in general we'll talk about any type of dietmust have 4 functions.

  1. It should contain a higher amount of protein

Older dogs can lose protein in their urine. In addition, their ability to utilize nutrients is reduced, so it is extremely important to offer foods that contain sufficient protein and are easy to digest.

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  1. It should contain fewer carbohydrates

Our not very young friends have less capacity to burn off excesses and use less energy. Therefore, a balanced diet from the age of 8 should contain a low calorie intake (approx. 20% less than for adult canoes) and carbohydrates.

  1. Must have a good supply of "good" fats

Fats are a type of essential nutrient in all stages of life. Unsaturated fats are particularly important for older animals, as they protect their brains from age-related degradation. However, it is also important that fats are not abundant, as pancreatic and bile secretions decrease in older dogs.

  1. Other important nutrients

Vitamins, minerals and omega 3. These are some of the nutrients that should be included in a good senior dog food. which will help your friend get fitter in many ways. Don't forget prebiotics and probiotics, which help boost your immune system, maintain ideal body condition, and balance your mood, among other things.

Older dogs need more protein...or less?

Proteins vary in their amino acid content and what is best for your dogare of animal originVegetables also contain amino acids, but meat and eggs have all of the amino acids in sufficient concentrations, while vegetarian sources must be combined to provide the full spectrum of these amino acids. Two types of protein grades are generally recommended for dogs of all ages.

High quality protein sources

  • OwnerThey are an excellent source of protein and contain all the essential amino acids your dog needs. They are also very easy to digest.
  • FischIt's an important source of protein, it's high in omega-3 fatty acids (which has many benefits for dogs with dry skin) and it should always be included in the diet of senior dogs. However, since it can also contain many toxins, it's a good idea to vary protein sources from time to time.
  • MeatIt's an important source of protein for dogs, and their digestive systems are designed to digest it easily. The most common meats in dog food include beef, chicken, turkey, duck, lamb and venison.
  • CheeseIt's another important source of protein, but since it's also high in fat, your dog should consume it in small portions rather than as a daily treat. Also, be careful as some dogs are lactose intolerant.

Medium quality protein sources

  • meat meal, the most common of which is chicken, are made from animal skin and bones and are basically a good source of concentrated protein. The problem is that the flour goes through a high heat cooking process that can break down the proteins. However, the foods containing them usually also have all the necessary amino acids, although they are a little harder to digest than the high-quality sources mentioned above.
  • by-productsare ground animal proteins that do not contain high-quality meat. Inside them are guts, bones and guts, or undeveloped eggs. It is very difficult to know the true nutritional value of by-products as they can vary widely, so it is better not to rely on them as your dog's main protein source to avoid possible malnutrition.
  • MilitaryIt is a legume of high biological value and contains all the necessary amino acids, but your dog will not absorb them as well as those made from meat. It's not the worst protein source possible, but when a manufacturer uses it as one of their main ingredients, it means they're using cheap ingredients and their feed isn't of good quality. The same applies to other legumes such as lentils and chickpeas. They can be included in your dog's food but should not be listed as a main ingredient.
  • The most commonly used vegetable proteinDog food sources include potatoes, peas, and grains like rice, oats, quinoa, barley, and flaxseed. These are healthy dog ​​ingredients and almost every food contains one of the top 6 ingredients. , is beneficial as it supplements the proteins in the meat and increases the biological value of the feed.

Wet vs. Dry Dog Food: What Should I Feed My Senior Dog? |

We've all wondered whether our dog should eat dry or wet food.In fact, both types are useful and recommended.for all ages. If possible, you should combine both variants, because:

  • SecoSenior food is generally higher in protein and can help strengthen teeth, which tend to weaken over the years.
  • NassSenior dog food is high in water, helping our friends stay hydrated. It is also ideal for dogs that already have dental problems and are not good at chewing.

If your older dog has a serious dental problem and can only be fed wet food, we advise you not to be tempted by cheap but also inferior products.

This is because you are at risk of falling into nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. Always look for formulas that include as many nutrients as possible, and use specific supplements as needed.

What is the best food for older dogs suffering from arthritis and/or joint problems?

As you have seen, we have not included this type of problem in the recommended products list. This is because, in addition to proteins, substances can also help improve joint health in generalbreak down in the food production process.If your dog has this problem, you should consider a diet that does not overload him and that you can supplement with specific dietary supplements.

The alternative is to feed him raw food at home to ensure he gets all the nutrients he needs.

My senior dog won't eat, what should I do?

Do you have an unappetizing older dog that eats little or nothing?try to motivate himin the following way:

  • Use interactive toys to help him get food.
  • Use balanced and very tasty foods:
  • add homemade chicken broth to the food;
  • Flavor food with a little extra virgin olive oil;
  • distribute the recommended daily amount in several doses throughout the day.

If the loss of appetite lasts longer, it is advisablevisit your veterinarianto rule out a health problem (e.g. mouth problems, kidney disease or other).

Note:Our reviews of Best food for older dogsare mainly based on information from experts and manufacturers. We have tested many products but it is impossible to test them all. However, we ask that you remember that the above recommendations are opinionsBefore using any treatment, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian.

last note

Friends, I hope you enjoyed the blog'8 Best Senior Dog Foods in 2022'

If you have any comments, be sure to let us know by contacting us, you can email me or follow me on social media. See you soon with a new blog, until then stay tuned for my blog “Thanks

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